Memorable Moments

就像美酒, 往事的记忆总是被时光的陈酿摄入神秘的醇香,回味无穷。

Like aging of good wine, our memories of the past are enriched as time passed by, leaving lingering aftertaste.

With My Teacher Prof. Luo Zhongrong 1981

With Composer friend Wang Xilin 1981

With Xiaoyong Chen

With Composer friend Xiaoyong Chen 1981

With Choreographer Jia Zuoguang and Dancer Liu Wengang 1979

With Old Timers of Symphony Orchestra Beijing Gewutuan 1980

South Bay Chamber Ensemble 1991

Phil Conducts South Bay Chamber Ensemble 1992

W: Weder and Cuipg

With maestro Oliver Weder and Ginger Cui 2001

With My Buddies Cui Jian & Liu Yuan

San Jose Ballet & CPAA “Middle Kingdom Ancient China” Production Crew

With Members of CPAA

With Composers William Kraft & Wang Xilin

With Elly

With My teacher, Composer Elinor Armer at her birthday concert at SFCM

With Erhu Player Yongping Tian, maestra Barbara Day Turner & Members of San Jose Chamber Orchestra

CPAA Chinese New Year Show 2012 with Paul Fong, Ann Woo & Diana Ding

With members of CYCS 2012

CPAA Youth

CPAA Youth Chamber Orchestra 2013

iPhoto Library

Phil Conducts CPAA YCO 2013

With Pianist Clara Yang & Cellist Xiao-Dan Helen Zheng 2012


With Violinist Jonathan Wei and pianist Jia-Yi Shi at Firehouse Recording Studio LA 2013, after recoding session of my “Lament”


With harpist Noel Wan

Harpist Noel Wan premiers my harp piece “Suzhou River Fantasy” in June 2014

Summer Recital

My music for cello and piano “Nostalgia” is included in this concert in LA in June 2014

With Clara & Xiaodan

With cellist  Xiao-Dan Zheng & pianist Dr. Clara Yang after performance of my “Nostalgia” in June 2014

With Tan Yuanyuan

With ballet dancer Yuan-Yuan Tan June 2014

W Tony and Michelle

With maestro Anthony Quartuccio and erhu player Michelle Su after performance of my “Dragon Year fanfare” Nov 2014

photo (4)

World Journal’s article about my “Lament” entry of international competition 2014

With Dr. Clara Yang at Bronson Piano Studio 2015

With Dr. Clara Yang at Bronson Piano Studio 2015

With Jiejin

With Harpist Jieyin Wu at her concert    in SF 2015


KTSF TV “Talk Tonight” with daughter & Jiayu Jeng         2017

With Cui Jian Summer 2017


Concert at Rossmoor Homes Feb 2018 with Xiaohua Song, Ellie Mok, Rachel Xu & Hao Wu


W/Pianists Jo-Hwa Yao and Amy Huang at piano duet recital Nov.2018


W/Yvonne Liu & Clara Yang at “Chinese Composers Night” Concert Nov 18th 2018


W/Violinist Haik Kazazyan at “Chinese Composers Night” Cocert Nov 18th 2018


W/my buddy composer Jeffrey Gao at “Chinese Composers Night” Concert Nov. 18th 2018


W/Pianist Clara Yang at Center for New Music in SF Nov 19th 2018


California KDFC Classical Music Station Playing My “Consolation”


W/ Pianist Clara Yang and Cellist Daming Li


Phil Conducts SBCE (1995)

Talking Cat Storry

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