Demo of Works


“Consolation” for People Suffering from the Pandemic 2020




Cloud Recording: Daming Li – Cello, Clara Yang – Piano

Audio Recording: Jennifer Chou – Cello, Chia Lan Lee – Piano

As a SF Bay Area Composer, I was profoundly stricken by the images I saw every day on the news of the people suffering from the pandemic all over the world during the shelter-in-place times, and I was compelled to do something positive with my music composition, one sleepless night, my inspiration was fulfilled.



* Fire Dance (1980) .MP3    youTube

Music award in Chinese National Dance Competition 1981

(Beijing Symphony. Con. Qong Zhao)


* Fantasy for Orchestra (1985)

Winner of SF Conservatory Composition Competition 1985

 (S.F. Conservatory Orchestra, Con. David Ramadanoff)

KQED Live MP3  youTube 


* Flaming Dance youTube

for Large Chinese Orchestra (2007) .

(National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan Con. Chunquan Qu)


        Chamber Music

* Reflection on a Tang Poem (2015)  youTube

Published by People’s Music Publishing House in China

for Solo Piano (CD available on

 iTune   Albany Records

Folding Time

* Reverie

for Violin and Piano (2008)

Published in “A Century of Violin Works by Chinese Composers” by Shanghai Publishing Company.


Dani Huang  violin,  Mengni Tang  Piano

MP3  youTube

Violin Haik Kazazyan, Piano Chen Woo


* Lament

for Violin and Piano (1985)

(Violin Jonathan Wei, Piano Jia Yi Shi)

         Finalist of the International Composition “Citta di Udine” Italy 2014   

          youiTube       MP3                       

        youTube  (Violin Jonathan Wei, Piano Jonathan Jou)


* Air Sentimental and Scherzo (2019)MP3

for Violin and Piano

Haik Kazazyan Violin, Chen Woo Piano

Sentimental Air and Scherzo – Score

Jasmine Flower Fantasy


RNO Wind Quintet youTube MP3


A Rhythm from Yi (2019)

for String Quartet and String Orchestra

* Dragon Year Fanfare

for Erhu and String Quartet (2012) youtube

(ERhu Yongping TianSan Jose Chamber Orchestra String Quartet)

* Enchantment of Dance 2023

for Chinese Folk Instrument Ensemble youTube


 * From the East

for Konghou and String Orchestra (2001

(San Jose Chamber Orchestra, Konghou Ginger Cui, Con. Oliver Weder)

Excerpt MP3

* Two Movements

for String Quartet(1984)

1st Movement “Dirge” MP3

2nd Movement “Allegro” MP3 youTube

String Quartet Score



   for Cello and Piano (2014)

   Cello  Xiao-Dan Zheng, Piano Clara Yang

youTube   MP3

*Autumn Reminiscence

for Erhu and String Quartet (2004)


* Summer Getaway

for Youth Chamber Orchestra (2008)

SJYC Orchestra MP3

Order piano version sheet music

  *Fantasy on a Mongolian Air MP3 Score

for String Orchestra (2013)

*Reminiscence for piano

(1983) youTube

Clara Yang Piano


* Scherzo

for Clarinet and Piano (1978) MP3

Renfu Zhang Clarinet, Feixing Xu Piano


* Suzhou River

for Harp (2010) MP3  youTube

(Harpist Jieyin Wu)

Chosen as 2018 Fourth Hong Kong Harp International Competition Repertoire.

Yanan Xu youTube

Valerie Sim’s Performance youTube MP3

Suzhou River

Score for sale at Hong Kong Harp Cha

“Summer Memories” for Harp

Jieyin Wu – Harp

“Amazing Grace” for two pianos youTube

Ming Ge 1st piano, Julia Wang 2nd piano

Electronic Music

 Waves (1984)  MP3

* Give Me Water (1984)  MP3

Percussion Ensemble 

* Perpetual Motion (1985)  MP3

* Fan Dance (2005) youTube

Excerpt from Middle Kingdom Ancient China



* Three Art Songs in Different Styles:

I am a feather MP3, Sojourn, A Song of My Beloved (1986)

* Elegy

for Voice, Violin and Piano written over Chopin Funeral March (2008) youTube   MP3

(for the Mothers Who Lost Their Children in the Sichuan Earthquake)

* My Solemn Song for mixed chorus

* Pastorale for mixed chorus (2009) Quartet Demo MP3

* Voice of Harmony for mixed chorus (2010)

* A Song of the Overseas Chinese for mixed chorus (2011)


Ballet Music

* Sea Waves (1980) MP3   yuTube

* Dragon 2000 ( Dance Drama in Three Acts) MP3

Dragon Dance

* Middle Kingdom Ancient China ( Full length Ballet in Three Acts) (2005)

(Choreography: Dennis Nahat & Yong Yao, Soundtrack Composed and Produced by Phil Young)

 Sound tracks MP3

Excerpt 1. Cosmos Dance MP3  youTube

Excerpt 2. Battle of Zhuolu 涿鹿之戰 MP3

Excerpt 3.pas de deux exerpt MP3  youTube

Excerpt 4. Peacock Dance MP3

Excerpt 5. Mongolian, Tibetan & Finale YouTube

 Zodiac Soundtrack Clips mp3 youTube

1.Dragon MP3   2. Snake MP3  3. Rooster MP3.  4. Dog MP3  5. Sheep MP3  

6.Horse MP3  7. Tiger MP3  8. Rabbit & Finale MP3    


World Music

Celestial Dragon  MP3 youTube

Meditation Music youTube  MP3



* Dusk by the Fishing-boat MP3 

Yi Dance Two Arrangements of Chinese Folk Music

for Konghou and String Orchestra

Coming West for Mezzo Soprano & Cello youTube

Xiaohua Song Mezzo Soprano, Rachel Xu Cello

* Pastorale for String Quartet (Arrangement of a Folksong)

*The Moon Resembles My Heart (Arrangement of a Chinese Song for Four Cellos)

* Tunes around China

( Arrangement of Chinese Folk Songs for Chinese Folk Instrument Ensemble)

Three Taiwanese Folk Songs for Piano Trio youTube

Cello Nana Ou-Yang

Violin Ryan Chen

Piano Jo-Hwa Yao

Amazing Grace for String Quartet

Purchase score & parts


Film Music

* America Revealed (Documentary)

* Andante Cantabile (Independent Film, Drama)Excerpts MP3

* Sojourn (Independent Film, Drama)

* Happiness (Independent Film, Drama)

TV and Radio Jingles

TV Fanfarer MP3,  World Journal Jingle MP3,   Traffic Report MP3,  Radio Song MP3


Accordion Music “Spanish Dance” 

Arranged and played by Phil Young 1981


In process of updating 

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. philyoungmusic
    Nov 08, 2022 @ 13:29:02

    Dear Zheng, would you send me an email please, so we can connect. My email:


  2. philyoungmusic
    Nov 08, 2022 @ 12:51:11

    Dear Zheng, Thank you for your message, I am delighted that you are going to play my piano piece! You can get the music from Sheet Music Plus, here is the link:

    Thank you so much and have a successful concert!


  3. Zheng
    Nov 07, 2022 @ 12:13:35

    Dear Mr. Young

    I’m going to perform Reminiscence piano in a concert. May I ask where can I get the resource of the score ?
    Thank you so much !!!


  4. Colette Ogata
    Apr 18, 2022 @ 16:41:43

    Hi Mr. Young – I am wondering if you would be willing to play for our Silicon Valley Accordion Society club in Los Altos, CA. It would be on the First Sunday of the month at 3:15 pm. Would absolutely love to hear you play. Thank you


    • philyoungmusic
      Apr 22, 2022 @ 21:41:20

      Thank you for your information, yes, I would love to.


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